We're pretty sure you've heard about Slovenia by now – the place where all of the most stunning scenery can be reached within two hours or so? Yes, by car. Plus, the local prices of accommodation and food are reasonable, while plenty of first-rate production services are eager to make your awesome movie happen. 

So, where is this place?

Well, roughly halfway between Vienna and Venice. In the very heart of Europe, as we like to say. Luckily for you, it is exactly where the Alps – yes, the mountains – embrace the Adriatic Sea. It is where many cultures have left their footprints throughout the centuries.

How do I get there?

You can use several airports to get here quickly. Beside Slovenia's largest Ljubljana (Jože Pučnik) airport, which has very good connections to London, Munich, Frankfurt, or Berlin in particular, Slovenia is easily accessible from the nearby international airports, including Trieste (Italy), Venice (Italy), Graz (Austria), or Vienna (Austria).

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Alps in the Northwest

The Alps (indeed, the name is where the word "alpine" comes from) are the highest and most extensive European mountain range. The most gorgeous parts of this range – with soaring icy peaks, deep blue mountain lakes, and wild turquoise rivers – are located in Slovenia.

Adriatic in the Southwest

The Slovenian Adriatic Coast and its Karst landscape make for unique Mediterranean scenery. If your scene has to look like it's taking place in Italy, Mexico, or Spain, it might as well be shot in the Slovenian Littoral.

The Hills and the Pannonian Plain in the Northeast 

From beautiful vineyards to endless Pannonian flatlands. This region has a variety of picturesque locations to offer, from beautiful vineyards to endless Pannonian flatlands.

Deep Forests in the South

Half of Slovenia consists of wooded areas, so if you need a place like that – there are plenty of forests in Slovenia and they're easily accessible.

Old Towns Everywhere

Need a nostalgic old town from the Austro-Hungarian era? Or would you prefer something with Venetian flair and cobblestone streets? We've got you covered.