Cash Rebate for Film and TV Production of up to 25% 


The eligible production formats include feature films, documentaries, TV drama, and animation. The incentive does not apply to commercials, reality TV, game shows, and soaps.

The cash rebate amounts up to 25 % of the total acknowledged expenses for the realisation of the (post)production of an individual project, incurred in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The Public Call will remain open until the funds are exhausted and it is available Cash Rebate Call. The applicants shall submit their applications at least 1 day before they start shooting (or producing, in case of animated films) in the Republic of Slovenia.

The adopted measure and the published Public Call are in line with the Slovenian National Programme for Culture (2014–17). The introduction of an additional financial aid (financial incentive) scheme for international producers whose production activities are carried out in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, taking into account the cultural relevance and amount of resources spent in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, is listed among this Programme's priority measures for film and audiovisual activities.

The right to cash rebate constitutes an important element of the comprehensive development of film and audiovisual industry.


The applicant must be a Slovenian producer, co-producer, or production service provider that has produced or provided production services for at least one publicly shown audiovisual work within the last three years.

The complete application must be submitted to the Slovenian Film Centre at least 1 day before the shooting commences.

The eligible productions shall be issued a provisional certificate and, upon completion of the production in Slovenia and submission of audited accounts, a final certificate that shall guarantee payment. Slovenian partners can provide the full range of production services, including location scouting, scheduling, budgeting, casting, crewing, and so on; and can assume full responsibility for all the production services carried out in Slovenia throughout the life span of the production.